Alberta Lawyers' Assistance Society

About Us

Who We Are

The Alberta Lawyers’ Assistance Society (Assist) is an organization that helps Alberta lawyers, articling students, law students, and dependent family members with personal issues.

Led by an Executive Director with more than 30 years’ experience practicing law, we understand the unique problems and challenges faced by the legal profession. Our committed volunteers and staff provide confidential, compassionate, non-judgmental and knowledgeable help, including outreach, support and education. We seek to build collegiality and community among our peers and to promote health and well-being for all.

We are a registered Canadian charity with formal objects, approved by the Canada Revenue Agency. These objects can be summarized as:

  • to educate Alberta legal professionals and families about alcohol and drug use, mental illness and emotional distress, 
  • to provide professional counselling and peer support, and 
  • to reduce the incidence of addiction, mental illness and emotional distress through education and coping strategies.

Assist’s services are confidential. We do not disclose personal information about people using our services.

One of the largest barriers to lawyers and students seeking help is stigma. Research shows that lawyers are reluctant to ask for help because they fear professional and personal consequences if others found out.

We believe that mental health and substance use issues are treatable illnesses and not moral failures and that educating the legal profession and larger community (potential clients) is key to breaking down stigma.

The sheer numbers of lawyers seeking assistance is among the most powerful anti-stigma tools we have. In 2019 alone, more than 10% of Alberta lawyers accessed professional counselling through Assist including more than one-quarter of articling students and one-third of law students. Lawyers facing mental health and substance use issues should not feel alone because they are not alone. Assist is here to help them and to normalize help-seeking from appropriate sources.

Assist will be celebrating 25 years as an incorporated society with a mandate to help lawyers in Alberta in March of 2021.

In 2007, Assist was qualified as a charitable organization for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada). This means that we can issue tax receipts to Canadians who donate funds to support our work.


Enhancing the immediate and long-term well-being of Alberta lawyers, articling and law students, and their dependent families through confidential and non-judgmental psychological assistance, peer support, education and community.


Preventing stress from becoming distress, preventing distress from becoming crisis and preventing crisis from becoming terminal or long-term debilitation.

Mission and Vision