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General Strategies for Lawyers

The Litigator and Mental Health

Practicing Law and Wellness: Modern Strategies for the Lawyer Dealing with Anxiety, Addiction, And Depression

Relaxing the Anxious Lawyer Brain Takes Practice

3 Ways Lawyers Can Become More Resilient

Burned Out? Nine Ways to Reignite Your Professional Passion

Book offers Practical Solutions to the Legal Profession’s Crisis of Well-Being

How Lawyers can Avoid Burnout and Debilitating Anxiety

Wellness Booster Kit

Expanding the Lawyer’s Toolkit of Skills and Competencies, Synthesizing Leadership, Professionalism, Emotional intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Comprehensive Law

Implementing Psychological Resilience Training in Law Incubators

Practicing on Purpose

Five Mindsets That Undercut your Ability to Think Like a Leader

Can Improv Class Really Help Your Career? 

Emotional Intelligence and Lawyers

How Emotional Intelligence Makes You a Better Lawyer

Why Lawyers Need to be Taught More About Emotional Intelligence 

Clients Want Results, Lawyers Need Emotional Intelligence

Emotion Regulation for Lawyers: A Mind is a Challenging Thing to Tame (create a free account)

Emotional Intelligence and Lawyers – an Old New Frontier


Awareness and the Legal Profession: An Introduction to the Mindful Lawyer Symposium

Lawyers Turn to Meditation to Fight Stress and Improve Performance

Mindfulness and the Law

Breath Meditation: A Great Way to Relieve Stress

Mindfulness: The Science Behind the Practice

Mindfulness for Lawyers. A Short Handbook. Jon Krop, J.D. 

The Contemplative Lawyer: On the Potential Contributions of Mindfulness Meditation to Law Students, Lawyers, and their Clients

Mindfulness and the Law – A Different Approach to Sustainable and Effective Lawyering

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology for Lawyers – The Science of Character

Designing a Positive Psychology Course for Lawyers  


How Emotional Intelligence Helps You Avoid Ethical Traps


What Resilient Lawyers Do Differently? 

A Lawyer Mental Health Primer for Lawyers and Law Students Assist. Loraine Champion

What Makes Lawyers Tick? Resilience and Lawyer Negativity  

Four Things Resilient Lawyers Do Differently

Stress Hardiness and Lawyers

Resilient Individuals Use Positive Emotions to Bounce Back from Negative Emotional Experiences

Bouncing Back. The Value of Resilience 


Why Lawyers Need to Pay Attention to Spirituality

Stress Management

Stress Relief Guide Quick Tips for When You’re Short on Time

Self-Care is the Key to Stress and Anxiety Management

For Stressed-Out Lawyers, Sabbatical a Chance to Breathe 

Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress

Stress Resiliency Strategies for Articling Students (and Everyone Else Too)  

Four Key Strategies for Managing Stress as a Family Law Professional

Stressbusters Sanity Savers and Practical Tips

Work-Life Balance

Successfully Juggling Work and Family: Tips for Lawyers

Report: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Building the Business Case for Flexibility

Rethinking Law Firm Culture to Better Support Mothers