Alberta Lawyers' Assistance Society


Forbes Psychological Services

Corporate/Operating Philosophy

Forbes’ mission is to promote the mental and physical health and well-being of lawyers, articling students, law students and their dependent families. This is accomplished through the provision of accessible, responsive, comprehensive, professional and innovative service.

Forbes uses a short-term goal directed therapy model for counselling, while recognizing that every client is unique and is assessed, allowing for the individual needs of each client to be met and expectations to be exceeded.

Forbes believes each client is entitled to the highest quality of service provided by the most highly trained counsellor. Therefore, Assist’s counsellors are Ph.D. and Master’s level registered clinical psychologists and registered social workers with clinical experience.

Forbes observes confidentiality; ensuring information obtained in counselling is held in confidence and will not be released without written permission except under certain risk and/or legal conditions. Forbes takes every measure to ensure that the identity of our clients is not compromised when dealing with phone conversations, confirmation of appointments, reception area and general office procedures.

Forbes’ operating philosophy is always to be aware of the needs and concerns of our clients and meet these needs, whenever possible.


Forbes is founded on the following values:

Human Dignity and Self-Worth

We are committed to providing our service, whether to individuals or organizations, in a manner that maintains dignity and self worth.

Whether working with individuals, families or organizations we are committed to responding to their needs in an efficient and effective fashion.

Highest Quality Service
We believe that every client is entitled to the highest quality of service provided by the most highly trained, experienced and qualified counsellors and staff who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations for service.

We are committed to being respectful of our clients' need for privacy. As a result, our work with clients is treated as strictly confidential.